Stone Glacier

What is Stone Glacier

Stone Glacier is a cool company that makes awesome stuff for people who love going on adventures outdoors. You might wonder: What’s a glacier? Well  a glacier is like a giant ice mountain that moves really slowly over time. Stone Glacier isn’t a real glacier  though it’s a name for a company that makes special…

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Dressing Up with Kryptek Clothes

Do you love dressing up in cool clothes that make you feel like an adventurer? Then you’ll absolutely adore Kryptek clothes. Kryptek makes amazing outfits with special patterns called camouflage. Camouflage helps you blend in with your surroundings just like how animals hide in the wild. When you wear the clothes you can pretend to…

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karen schramm broadcom

Meet Karen Schramm Broadcom

Today let’s meet someone super cool from Broadcom named Karen Schramm. karen schramm broadcom is like a real-life superhero who works at Broadcom, a company that makes really amazing technology stuff. She’s a Vice President of Technology there which means she helps make sure all the cool gadgets and gizmos work perfectly. Karen Schramm loves…

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